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Oftalmedica proudly unleashed itself to the Ophthalmology market in March of 2009. We approach the industry with inspiring ideas and enthusiasm, but most importantly, over thirty years of experience. Our company stems from the powerful merger of two very successful companies Oftalmica s.r.l. (1979) and Delphi Medica (1987). The Sgroi family has invested resources and created strategies to be alongside our customers guaranteeing them the latest technology in ophthalmology.




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European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

September 22-26th,  Vienna, Austria




" I have worked with lots of people, but one of the most dynamic individuals in distributing elements within ophthalmology is Benedetto. He has built up networks all over Europe and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

                        Professor John Marshall

With Doctors Massimo & Luca Gualdi

With Dr. Carlo Orione

With Dr. Lucio Buratto

" Dear Benedetto, it is so great to see and work with you, you are so motivated and highly professional. "

                          Professor Burkhard Dick

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American Academy of Ophthalmology

October 27-30th, Chicago


University of Ophthalmology Society

September 13-15, Chieti, Italy

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Italian Society of Perimetry and Image Diagnostics

November 9th, Padova Italy


Italian Society of Ophthalmology

November 28 - Dec 2, Rome, Italy


International Opthalmic and Ophthalmoplastic

October 3-6, Sardinia, Italy

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Congress

October 12-13th, Milan, Italy


Eye...to the surface. Diagnosis and treatment of

pathology of the occular surface

November 16th, San Marino, Italy


Not only...Eyelids and Macula

November 23rd, Valdobbiadene, Italy



Italian Association of Eye Doctors

October 18-19th, Rome, Italy